Have you finally broken the headphones that came with your iPhone? Do not worry: to listen to music on your mobile phone, you do not have to leave a paste, inexpensive wireless options or in helmets designed to get the most out of teams of thousands of euros. Whether we want to isolate ourselves from the world or play sports, these are some of the best options we can find online. There is nothing like a good musical selection to pass the time, accompany you while you study, work or exercise. There are economic options, designed to give you entertainment without drastically compromising your pocket. Therefore, we bring the best earbuds under 50 with which you will enjoy the quality sound at low cost.

Work without being interrupted by best earbuds under 50.

Let’s accept that Apple headphones are among the worst in market price quality. Its main disadvantage is that its noise cancellation tends to zero, so we should turn up the volume to the maximum as soon as we are in a noisy environment, be it the wagon of a train or a somewhat noisy office. The reason for this ‘failure’ is obvious: to avoid that we do not hear a shit and end up a run over by not listening to a horn in time. The price: raise the volume so much that in the end, we ended up deaf.

It is not the most convenient for cyclists, but if we listen to music while we work, travel by metro or our partner sleeps next, it is best to get good headphones that isolate us from the environment. The Sennheiser brand is synonymous with quality in this sense and we can find great products in all price ranges. Look at the best earbuds under 50. The Sennheiser CX 3.00 has a great value for money: for about 40 euros we will get headphones that adapt to the ear in a prodigious way and reduce noise to become a machine to say “huh?” every time someone talks to us. Although we are not listening to music but with best earbuds under 50 we will. The quality of the sound is also exceptional for this budget.

Speak with your hands-free

For some, the most important thing about good headphones is not being able to appreciate the bass of a song but being able to maintain a conversation through hands-free. That is, they have a microphone. For these users, losing the helmets included with the iPhone can be a tragedy, but there is nothing to fear: in the market, there are alternatives to better quality and at an affordable price. The Sennheiser CX 275 S maintains the quality of sound and sound insulation that has made the brand famous and also includes a microphone and an intelligent control, compatible with any ‘smartphone’ on the market. All the best earbuds under 50 the CX 2.00G is an even better option.

Look, mom, without wires

If we like to play sports, run, or simply want to join the posture of having wireless headphones, it is not necessary to leave almost 200 euros in AirPods. The cheap alternatives exist although, being a still recent technology, it is advisable to do without the cheapest options if we do not want to lose. The two most important points of these helmets are the duration of the battery and the Bluetooth connection.

The Etekcity S1 is, on paper, an option to consider. They have ten hours of battery, microphone and noise reduction. For a similar price, the Mpow brand offers similar models, such as the MBH5B-Mpow2, without a microphone but with a very good coupling to the ear thanks to its adapters. Another mark to take into account is Xiaomi, whose Mi Sports Bluetooth have six hours of autonomy and allow their connection to two devices at once. The price is not much higher: and are the best earbuds under 50. Even so, we are forced to insist on the importance of increasing the budget when we talk about Bluetooth headphones and serve this comparison as evidence: while we can find ‘normal’ Sennheiser headphones of high quality below 50 euros if we want a wireless of this brand we must exceed 150 euros obligatorily.

Montech Mon-Vcin Magnetic Headphones

  • Economical and functional and also best earbuds under 50
  • Bluetooth 4.1 headset
  • Superior HD sound quality with the latest sound technology
  • The Ergonomic ergonomic shape and magnetic design- Ergonomic design and …
  • Wireless headphones that can be paired
  • Universal compatibility Fast and stable matching with any wireless range of up to 20 meters, call time

The headphones best earbuds under 50 but high functionality:

They are a model of short cable type, which when joining the tips forms a pendant to wear in the neck. It has an anti-sweat system, to prevent its internal components from being compromised with humidity. You will have all the music at your fingertips while doing your fitness activities. The best earbuds under 50 includes microphone with HD sound, to receive calls without interrupting your training. With broad compatibility, you can connect using the Bluetooth feature.

Sony Intraural Headphones MDRXB50APR.CE7

  • Stereo sound with bass boost
  • REDUCTION Sony MDRXB50APR.CE7 – Intraural earphones …
  • Sony MDRXB50APR.CE7 – Intraural earphones …
  • Compatible with a smartphone with integrated control and microphone
  • X-Bass for a disco sound
  • Lightweight to enjoy the ultimate mobile experience with music
  • A wide variety of colours to suit your style
  • Neodymium diaphragms of 12 mm for a powerful and balanced sound

The terminals of this best earbuds under 50 that fits into the entrance of the ear canal provide a unique sound, with a high emphasis on bass. Its weight is light and the length of its cable is just for use in cellular equipment. It allows answering calls using the smaller scale microphone that it brings. In the same way, it makes possible the selection of the intensity of the volume and the jump of the musical track. They come in a wide variety of colours.