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It is common for people with a passion for cars; buy a few throughout our lives, either for us or to help a friend in the purchase. I want to share with you what I have been discovering throughout these years, to try to avoid that you fall into the same mistakes that I do.

  1. Start

In petrol vehicles, a bad cold start may be due to a failure of the injection system or regulation of the mixture. However, in diesel, the same symptom can warn that there is a fault in the incandescent system or even in the injection of the engine, the latter can cause breakdowns of more than 1,000 euros (eye and are not one of the faults more faces that a car can suffer). The recommendation is to check that the starter does not make any noise when starting or when releasing the key, as this could reveal damage even to the steering wheel of the vehicle.

It is also important to check if the engine reaches its normal operating temperature. In some occasions, due to problems with the crankshaft or camshaft sensors, they can work well in cold weather; however, it can fail when starting hot.

  1. Address

To confirm that there are no problems in the direction of the vehicle, the first thing is to turn the steering wheel in its entire route: watch out for any strange noise and the steering wheel rotates fluidly in all its route. It does not hurt to check the hydraulic fluid state of the steering. We tend to forget it and that is why it is one of the six most common failures in car maintenance.

  1. Suspension

Along with the steering and braking are among the elements that most have to be taken care of when buying a used car. A trick to check its condition is that the wheels wear well on both sides. It is also advisable to do a dynamic test with certain changes of direction and passing some bumps to check the behavior and the absence of noise.

  1. Brakes

If the used car you want to buy has ABS and ESP, you should check that the warning lights come on when the ignition is switched on and go off shortly after starting: this indicates that the system is working correctly. At this point it will be good to memorize these tips to take care of the car’s brakes.

  1. Tires

As forgotten as important, the tires are one of the vital parts of the vehicle, since it is the only element that is in contact with the road. That is why it is essential to check irregular wear, that they are in good condition and that the measurement is yours or an equivalent.

  1. Transmission

The transmission is the system that transfers the force of the engine to the wheels. Therefore, it is recommended to check:

Clutch: touch of this, noises, as well as pedal travel.

Change: check that the gears fit well in both cold and hot and that no scratch when changing.

Transmissions: if, when accelerating and taking a curve, a very strong vibration sounds, it will indicate that it is in poor condition.

  1. Escape

Color of the smoke that comes out of the exhaust pipe involves different problems.

A blue smoke indicates oil consumption (worn engine and very expensive fix)

If it is white it can mean that there is a lack of fuel in the combustion or that there is condensation in the exhaust, especially when it is cold in winter.

If the smoke is black, this means that it consumes too much fuel. In any case, the arrangements are less expensive in these last two cases.