Excited to watch, stream and download movies on your device? Before you get too excited and start registering to all streaming and downloading movie providers you see, take your time. Not all sites you see on the internet that seem legitimate are legitimate. There are some who will just collect your personal information and sell them to their parties.

You do not need to worry as much though as there are some movie streaming and downloading providers online, like Putlocker9, that sincerely and honestly doing and working on what they claim they are for. As a movie enthusiast, having the ability to watch movies anywhere and anytime you want in any device you choose is a blessing. Unfortunately, some are too desperate that they will register to sites that they thought can let them download and stream movies endlessly.

Spotting on the best streaming and downloading movie provider, like Putlocker9, can be a very challenging task. To give you ways and means to win the best or at least a legitimate provider, read through this article.

Spotting on the best provider for streaming and downloading movies

With the many websites to choose from, plus the technology and people’s tactics and techniques, the job to spot on the best in this industry becomes a tough job. The guidelines below can help you determine the one you are looking for.

Check on the provider’s credibility

It is mandatory that you assess the credibility of the provider you consider to work with. Not because they claim they can give you access to thousands of movies, you will hurriedly key in your information, as the saying goes, looks can be deceiving. As some you thought are real movie providers are only up for phishing.

They know how much people love free movies, hence they use this strategy to get personal information from people then sell it to a third party marketer. Next day you wake up, your email is full of marketing emails, which you have no idea where it came from or worse your computer or mobile phone or any device where you access the site and downloaded a movie is acting up because of virus.

  • Ask around friends or families

You are definitely not the first person in the world who aspires to get the opportunity of downloading and streaming movies for free, ask around your family and friends for recommendations. Best to reach people you know who share the same interest with you.

  • Check on reviews online

Another way to background check a specific site is by checking on reviews online. People are free to rant or praise a movie streaming and downloading provider and as someone who is looking for one, you can take advantage of their write ups. Although, you have to be very careful and make sure to screen the write ups well before discarding or believing their opinions as there are some fake accounts and write ups that are used for marketing purposes.

  • Check on their website

As discussed earlier, there are some sites that look legitimate but actually they are not. Be wise checking on their website, try to click on clickable links and see where it will redirect you. You may also want to read reviews from their users and do a random check of their reviewer’s credibility.

This may be too time consuming, but it is a lot better than getting virus and/or marketing emails and calls.

  • Call their customer service team

While checking on their website, check on the availability of their customer service team and call them. It can be through a phone call, email or chat. Ask them questions you want clarifications and information you need to know.

Note: Not all legitimate providers have customer service support team, as some websites are self service. If they do not have support team available, try to look for other ways to perform background checking.

The provider’s credibility is highly important and checking it should not be done in a rush. Take as much time as you can and make sure that you are 100% positive that you are considering a legitimate website before you even start keying in your information.

Try their free service

There are downloading and streaming movie sites that require payment or membership fee, there is completely nothing wrong with that, anyhow, you are still saving tons of money considering the number of movies you can access versus the money you are paying.

In the event that they offer free service, might as well take advantage of that first. You may not have full access of the movies they have, but this is indeed a good kick off. While on their free service, check on the following:

  • Are the movies accessible to all your devices? Play movies on your device and see if there is no issue doing so. Try to access it on at least three of the devices you usually use. This is the best time to play around and check accessibility
  • Check the movies they offer. When checking on movies, you should not only focus on the variations of movies they have, you also have to consider other important factors like:
  • Are the movies downloadable? Movies of some providers are only best when streaming. Make sure that their movies are downloadable and you can get the same quality as streaming
  • Are there too many advertisements in between movies? Advertisements are not as bad, as this is an additional income for the provider but seeing too many of them can be irritating
  • Is the movie clear? Make sure that the movies you download or stream are in HD. You would never want unclear audio and video at all when watching movies

Considering the points above can help you big time spotting on the best movie streaming and downloading provider. All of them may require your time and effort, but needless to say, all the time and effort invested are all worth it considering that you can watch your favourite movies, anytime, anywhere you are in the safest and best manner possible.