The usual goal when creating a website for your business is to make the cost of the web profitable. And normally, the first thing that occurs to the owner of the website to get it is to try to improve the positioning. Often obsessing about it and forgetting to improve the user experience, a fundamental part of any good website and that is linked to positioning. Search engines like Google give priority in their results to websites optimized for any device and with a good UX. It is important to know how users act on our website. Look no further we are one of the best Authority Sites. Know which pages are the most visited and why will help us apply their strengths to the rest of the pages of our site. For this, a good tool is Smartsupp, a free online chat for your website that provides statistics about visitors.

What is usability at Authority Sites?

Usability is a key factor in SEO positioning. It is a proper term for any product belonging to the computer sector. Regarding web pages, which is the subject that concerns us, refers to whether a website is simple to use. This is measured in whether the pages are easy to navigate, the texts read well, fast loading, the colours and themes used are pleasant, etc. In summary, a website with high usability is one in which users feel comfortable and can find what they are looking for without spending time researching.

What is the User Experience (UX)

The user experience is another of the key concepts for a good positioning in search engines. The UX is all the elements with which the user is in our site and interacts with it. Depending on how the interaction is, the opinion of the visitor to our website can be positive or negative. This will determine whether the user returns in the future or that they include our site on their blacklist. The factors that influence this opinion are:

The previous expectation of the visitor: Sometimes it is not enough just to have a good usability on our site. Trying to understand what the user of our website expects to offer is equally important.

Experiences on Authority Sites: Users who visit us will have previously entered many web pages of a similar theme to ours. This is similar to the previous point, the user already has an idea of what he has liked previously on other websites and will seek to find it in ours. Otherwise, the same thing happens, there will be elements that you do not want to find yourself under any circumstances.

Factors of the web: In the opinion of the user will intervene elements of our website such as loading speed, the use of multimedia content, the design and structuring of the pages, the quality and correct spelling of the texts …

Web architecture by Authority Sites: It must be clear and not confuse the user. It should allow you to find what you are looking for without wasting time trying to understand the structure of the pages.

Advantages of improving the user experience by Authority Sites:

A good job in terms of user experience will bring benefits to your business in the short and long term. If users like your website, the recognition and credibility of your brand will increase. A good reputation in the network implies a better web positioning. To achieve this, the best option is to put you in the hands of professionals. In Authority Sites we design your website taking into account the user experience from the first minute. We use tools to analyze the traffic of your website and the behaviour of your visitors. This way we know which pages work best and we can optimize the performance of your site.

SEO and SEM How do they differ?

Although they are two concepts that have a lot to do with online marketing, SEO and SEM are actually very different. The best way to differentiate them is to know what each one means and what they are used for and to be able to make the most of them together or separately. If you are interested in the world of web positioning, check out our list of SEO factors.

What is SEO at Authority Sites?

The strictest definition of the word SEO is Search Engine Optimization, which comes to mean in Optimization of Search Engines. It is a free, organic and natural process, that is, it is not paid, and what it is about is that a website is indexed in the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing …) in the best way possible and in the higher positions.

But how it is done at the Authority Sites? There are many factors that can alter the results of searches. We must take into account, for example, the algorithm changes that are in search engines, the content of the pages that we want to position and to which more and more importance is being given, keywords or keywords, etc. Social networks play an important role in SEO, sharing the links of the website that is to be positioned. A good strategy that makes users share those links will make natural positioning better than exchanging links.


SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing, ie Search Engine Marketing. With this process, the improvement of the search engine positioning is given through the payment of advertising and is the sponsored results of the search engines. (Google AdWords is one of the systems on which this strategy is based to appear on the first page of results of this search engine). In Google AdWords, for example, the customer pays for each time a user clicks on the link that was uploaded and paid when it appears in the searches made in the search engine, you can even decide how much you pay (something like an auction).