It is quite hard to find a cool range of cocktails that taste great when combined with whipped cream since it is quite a hard-to-go-together combination if you know what I mean. However, we said that it is difficult, but it is not impossible. Also, there are other factors that we have to take into concern. Since its winter everywhere, we are also making efforts to give you the right combination of boozy drinks that keep you warm this winter and also is great when consumed with whipped cream. So try these drinks and thank us later. You are drooling, aren’t you? So with no further delay let’s hit the list.

5 Boozy Drinks that are Great with Whipped Cream

Hot Chocolate with Rum:

The first cocktail on the list is Hot Chocolate with Rum. One need not have to explain as to how rum goes well with winter. So with this perfect drink filled with hot chocolate and whipped cream is more than enough to make you feel high and boozed. This is one of the commonly preferred drinks in winter, especially when it comes with whipped cream.


Many people feel that Dominicana isn’t a highly preferred drink. But you have got to trust us here. No cocktail is better than Dominicana when combined with heavy cream. If you are someone who loves cream a lot, then this is probably that one dish that will be your favourite pick out of the drinks listed here.

Kahlua Hot Chocolate:

Once you have seen the way this hot chocolate is designed for you, you will definitely go with the sentence that the day can never get better. Don’t look at it, squint your eyes and have it confused for a dessert because it not even close. Since these drinks taste great with froth and cream on the top, this pure cocktail is mixed with a bit of whipped cream to add to the taste. It is one the all-time favourite drinks for most people.

Manhattan Ice cream float:

If you are little disturbed with ‘not dessert’ word that we added to the previous dish, here’s one adult dessert for you. So now your concern is as to whether it gives the booze that you want. Do not worry, we still are aware of the promise that we made. The drinks that are listed here are purely cocktail, they are boozy, best for winter and taste great with cream. Undoubtedly Manhattan Ice cream float is one of them. So next time you are looking for an adult dessert try this little Manhattan boy.

Huber’s Iced Spanish Coffee:

Huber’s Iced Spanish Coffee that is spiked with coffee beans and ice is a great cocktail to enjoy with whipped cream. It is quite a weird combination if you look at it. It had coffee and cream, and at the end, it is iced as well. So coffee does make you feel high? Yes, it does. If you are still wary as to how this works, try Huber’s Iced Spanish Coffee for yourself and let us know.