So you want to know how to pass a drug test? The first thing to understand is, how does the drug test procedure work? How it is administered? What happens with the specimen? There are different things required for different types of drug test. Maybe a urine specimen is required for the test procedure, or maybe a hair specimen or an oral fluid specimen is required. What happens from the time you give it, to the time it is tested at a laboratory? These are some things one needs to understand and a good understanding of the process is always better. If you want to know How I passed my drug test, then you need to read further and find out some more information on this topic. This will help you to understand the testing procedure in a better way.

So when you go for a drug test, you are normally going to provide the specimen, whether it is urine, hair or oral fluid. With oral fluid and hair, it is very hard to cheat on the drug test. You are sitting right in the front of the person who is collecting your sample. You cannot just give them some other person’s hair or oral fluid. They will have their eyes on every move you make. So there is no chance of cheating on those two types of drug tests.

A urine drug test, is also very popular and you have some ways of beating it. The collector will ask you to remove your outer garments, hat, coat, and sweatshirt. The collector will ask you to empty the contents of your pockets, wash your hands, and then you go in the privacy of a restroom to provide your urine specimen. Where, if you are lucky something can be done, but we advise that you do not do anything stupid. When that urine specimen gets to the laboratory, they do what we call specimen validity testing. And its here that they’re checking to make sure that you have not altered, adulterated or substituted your urine specimen. This makes it very difficult for you to cheat on the test. If you have one question in your mind, that How I passed my drug test, well that is not an easy one to answer. There are so many people who are confused about giving the drug test and do not know the right method. Also if it is not the on the spot test, then you need time to prepare for the test and once that happens, it will be much easier.

Now the urine specimen goes through an initial screening at the lab. And if it is positive, it goes through a second confirmation test to make absolutely sure that the drug test results were really positive for that particular drug. So there is really no such thing anymore as false positives. There are many products on the internet that claim they can help you beat the drug test, many of those products are just money making schemes. Some work potentially, and some may not work. Keep in mind while preparing for the drug test, always make it a point that you avoid intake of any kind of toxins. If you do that then things will be much better. Toxins are always a cause of concern for most. If you want to clear the drug test, then you need to take the toxins completely out of your body, or the test results may not be what you like. So this is something which is a very important thing which one should keep in mind at all times.

With a on the spot drug test, the drug screening agency tries to deter an identified drug use. So a on the spot drug test is a surprise drug test. So that you don’t have time to purchase something to cheat on the test. You need to continuously consume water and that will help a great deal. The more water you drink the better it is for the body. Make sure, that you do this over a long period. Keep on drinking the water over a period of time and that should be good and will help you to get rid of all the toxins and give good results. Suspended this activity one day before the test. If you have very white urine then the tester may be confused and have some kind of suspicion and that is not something good for you.

Along with the test, you need to carry lots of additional things. This is in order to prove your identity. Be sure, that you have a proper government identity or whatever is asked for. If you do not carry it, then there could be a problem. Also know properly where you testing facility are, if you do not know it then there could be an issue reaching on time and that is something you do not want on the day of the test. If you find it confusing, then you should visit it once before the test just to understand the location, which is very important.

If you are concerned about a drug test, and whether you are positive or negative, you can order a drug test from a national drug screening agency before you take the actual drug test that will help you know the result beforehand. If you know someone who has taken the test recently you should always go and ask them for a piece of advice that will really help a lot. Many people are very confused and do not know, what is the right thing. They may end up underprepared for the test and that is the last thing they want. They need some time with the person who has taken the test and be discreet about who you ask or you may draw unwanted attention and that is again not a good thing to happen before the test.