Do you finally have enough money to buy a guitar? So, there are a few tricks that can help you make a much more profitable purchase. The choice of musical instruments can be much more trivial than it seems, since many of them are not easy to use, suitable for beginners or of good quality.

When a musician decides to buy a new instrument, he must have many clear and decisive things in his mind, as much as if he were choosing a new car or even a place to live. For this reason a new guitar can be one of the best purchases of your life, as long as you try to find the perfect model without risks to waste money.

Initially, every buyer starts by evaluating the aesthetic characteristics of the guitar. When you do the respective search on the web it is instinctive that you feel much more attracted to the models that look finer, with the thickest wood and the most beautiful finishes. But, a very different thing is what can be seen on the screen and another thing that can be found in the store. This information is much more valuable if you are starting in this world and want to find one of the best acoustic guitars under 500 dollars, something comfortable to your budget and of good quality. So, what should you do?

  • Evaluate your budget: It is natural that your dream guitar has a high cost, and that you feel very attracted by some brands. But no, this is not everything. If your budget is not high enough to opt for a good high-cost acoustic guitar, that’s fine. But, if you are here, it is probably because the money available is not so much and you fear that your choice is not appropriate. Well, the best thing you can do is to take into account the price range you can choose.
  • Do a good investigation: Arriving at a musical store to improvise in the election does not have to end badly, but without a doubt the possibilities of choosing a great guitar are much smaller. It is preferable that you make a previous list of the best acoustic guitars that you can find and go with that information provided to the place you prefer.
  • Play the guitar: The previous step is very important to find a good guitar, but this is not enough. Why? Well, the reviews can give you an idea of ​​the type of instrument you can find according to its basic characteristics, but your personal experience can be very different. Through the images and reviews you can know their appearance, the brand, the material used and other information of interest, but you cannot know much about how it really sounds.
  • Find your style: There are thousands and thousands of guitars out there, designed for all types of guitarists. You can be more pop, country or even want to sound like a good musician of the 60. Therefore, try the guitar and know this information is very important.

A fundamental question: new or used?

Finding acoustic guitars under 500 dollars is much easier if you decide to buy a used guitar. The question is: is this really worth it? Well, that depends on you. Of course you can get a very good offer, but that is much more possible if you know enough about the subject to know if a guitar that has had previous owners is really in good condition or not.

If on the other hand, you are starting as a guitarist, it is much better to look for a good new product, although not too expensive. In order to buy a used guitar, you must have the ability to evaluate certain characteristics and have the ability to ask the relevant questions. For example, you could request information about the conditions in which the guitar is, how much time of use it has, with what type of material it was manufactured, among many others.

A used guitar can be considered as a purchase option if it is a product of recognized quality and represents a good offer just for that reason. Otherwise, it is much better to gather a little more money and buy a new product. Buying a new guitar or getting a used one are both valid options, but everything depends on what suits you the most. For this and more to choose, the perfect guitar can be a deeper process than it seems, but it will undoubtedly generate great satisfaction as soon as you have it.

Wait. Are you saying that brand is not the most important thing?

Yes, just as you read. Guitarists that already have a good time in the world of music may already have this very clear, but if your case is different and you are starting out in this wonderful world, maybe you consider that a guitar of a sounded brand is the main ingredient to develop you as a great artist. My dear dude, this idea is absolutely wrong.

A good brand can provide you with an excellent product, but this does not guarantee your success as a guitarist or your comfort with the instrument. This is the most important aspect of everything: your comfort. The choice of the perfect guitar should be centered on how you feel when you use it and how comfortable it feels in your lap. And here, little has to do with the sound of the brand.

So, in conclusion, buying acoustic guitars under 500 dollars is possible, and best of all, there is a good selection in the market, including products from important brands such as Yamaha. Just take these tips into account and go straight to the instruments store. It’s time for you to shine as a guitarist.